2008, Lo digital en el arte

Cilleruelo, L. (2008). Lo digital en el arte. Madrid: Departamento de Educación del Museo Nacional Reina Sofia

This Didactic Resource published by the Department of Education of the National Reina Sofia Museum on the occasion of the Machines and Souls exhibition.
This educational resource explores and addresses the main keys of the use of computers in art.
For this purpose the most representative artists are taken as a starting point: Theo Jansen (Netherlands, 1948), John Maeda (USA, 1966), Sachiko Kodama (Japan, 1969), Evru (Zush) (Barcelona, 1946), Ben Rubin (USA, 1964), David Byrne (USA, 1952), Chico McMurtrie Amorphic Robot Works (USA, 1961), Paul Friedlander (United Kingdom, 1951), Daniel Rozin (Israel, 1961) and Daniel Canogar (Spain, 1964), Vuk Cosic (Serbia, 1966), Pierre Huyghe (France, 1962), Harun Farocki (Czech Republic, 1944), Antoni Muntadas (Spain, 1942), Antoni Abad (Spain, 1956), Natalie Jeremijenko.

Table of contents:

1. The digital. This section includes some technical issues on computers: bits, algorithms and the main models of computing throughout history.

2. The Digital Artwork: Introduction to digital from an artistic point of view

3. The digital art main lines:

  • Simulation: the simulation of images, life and mind
  • The code as language and aesthetics of digital
  • Virtual communities and electronic networks